Sunday, October 4, 2015

lips on lips

Sometimes when it starts getting cold out like this week, your in a rush and throw something on. Most of the time what you threw on was super plain and sometimes boring. I really do believe little things like lipstick can make an outfit. I got some lip sticks this weekend and played around with them and with outfits. Firstly, i found that the deep wine red i got from Milani (called black cherry) was my favorite. The other deep burgundy red is from Laura Geller and is great because its a lip crayon and acts like lip gloss as well.  I paired it with tight black jeans, an oversized, distressed wild fox sweater, a black jacket over, and lastly a big cashmere scarf from club monaco. the lipstick really pulled the outfit together because the outfit was all solid colors and dark, the lipstick matched but gave a pop of color as well. the other fall lipstick trends i liked were nude-ish pink tones that go well with dark and pastel outfits. I wore it to a party with dark jeans and a navy top, but also with a pale blue sweater and light wash jeans. that lipstick is from maybeline and was called salutary sand, and the other brush lipstick was from Mally.
enjoy babes!
xoxox, Arielle



  1. Lovely lipsticks!! I shoud get into the habit of putting lipstick on. :-) thanks for sharing. Xo

  2. I have just started using lipsticks lately and I love them. So sexy shades!

  3. I totally agree with you! A bold lip really dresses up an outfit :)


  4. Thanks for your message on my blog! I love your blog design and lipstick :)

    They´re so feminine and make a woman stand out!

    If you are interested in follow each other on social networks please let me know,
    Insta @cocojeansblog

  5. I quite agree that a lipstick can make or break a simple outfit! Wish I could see these swatched or on your lips, because they look lovely!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  6. Me gustan mucho esos labiales!

  7. great post :) and amazing photos! :) kisses:)

  8. That burgundy lipstick from Milani is a great shade of red! Baci, Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  9. Couldn't agree more hunni! Absolutely think that whatever you wear on your lips completely changes your entire outfit. I'm also in love with dark burgundy colors as well. If you haven't tried it out yet, definitely give Diva by MAC a try. I literally swear by that color for the fall season.


  10. These look great!

  11. the crayon and the berry shade from Milani are so gorgeous! I bet you looked fantastic in the outfits described!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  12. I really want a wildfox sweater :) love the deep plum lipsticks too! <3

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  13. Fabulous product! <3


  14. I need to give more lip shades a try. Loving just my pink shade on me atm. great post.

  15. How stunning is that Milani lipstick! Truly gorgeous and the shade I need for winter :D xx

    Jenny |


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